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Fiberglass Repair & Detailing

*Analyize This*

Did You Know...

  • Since 1984, the average cost of a new Tournament Ready Bass Boat has risen over 200%. (From $12,000.00 to over $38,000.00)

Did You Know...

  • Prior to 1995, the average time a person owned a boat before upgrading was 3.6 years.

Did You Know...

  • In 2008, the average cost to upgrade to a new boat from...let's say a five year old boat would average somewhere around $20,000.00.

Did You Know...

  • Today it's estimated that over 70% of boats currently in use are over 10 years old. Well, that may be considered old...but do they really have to look old?

*Think About This...*

For a fraction of the cost of a new upgrade, we can make your current boat look like new. Sometimes, just a thorough cleaning, a little light compounding and a good coat of wax can do the trick. Got a few scratches, maybe a tear or split in the upholstery, or even stained or torn carpet?...NO Problem....We can do it and do it at an affordable price.

For more serious situations, we've just completed construction on a fully equipped Fiberglass Restoration Shop. From minor damage due to years of wear and tear, to Major Transom, Hull or cap damage as a result of an accident,

Lee Arthur and his staff has over 25 years experience of fiberglass repair insuring you the job will be done timely and done right.

In addition we now have expanded our expertise to include Golf Carts and Personal Watercraft.



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